On IWD, Memac Ogilvy and GEMS Education tackle negative self-talk among young girls in new touching campaign
Posted on 2023 Mar,08  | By ArabAd's staff

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Memac Ogilvy and GEMS Education have partnered for a second year on International Women’s Day, which is celebrated March 8 the world over. The new campaign addresses the pressing issue of negative self-talk among young girls.

Filmed at the education leader’s GEMS World Academy in Dubai and featuring students from the school in a face-to face minimalist set up, the campaign centres on a striking two-part cinematic film that underlines the importance of recognizing, contextualizing and preventing self-criticism among young women.

The purpose of the campaign is to have young girls understand their worth, and learn that recognizing and preventing self-criticism is crucial to helping them gain further self-confidence and flourish.

The second part of the campaign will be released one week after International Women’s Day.

The 2023 campaign comes one year after the pair released the award-winning campaign ‘The Unwinnable Race’, which used International Women's Day as a platform to discuss the hidden barriers facing women and young girls in society.