P&G's Pampers Gives a Beacon of Hope Through The Story of Baby George
Posted on 2020 Sep,07  | By ArabAd staff

Pampers stepped up as force for good in Lebanon, using its voice to spark hope through the story of baby George who was born just after the explosions that hit Beirut on August 4, 2020.

After the devastating blast that tore through Beirut on August 4th, and right in the middle of the mayhem, a little baby was born. And with him, hope was born again for an entire nation.

Here is the story: George’s mom went into labor moments before the explosion, and even though the hospital had been destroyed, he was determined to make it—delivered under the lights of nurses’ mobile phones.

George’s story was an inspiration that needed to be shared. So Pampers Arabia along with its creative team decided to produce a film to welcome him not just as a baby, but as a symbol of promise. After all, babies are born every day, every minute; but there was here, strongly embeded in this little baby’s birth, a message to the people of a devastated Beirut that even in times of adversity, there is always a ray of hope.

The film starts out as a welcoming letter to George, a depiction of the unfathomable circumstances surrounding his birth. Then, with the use of real footage captured by his dad before and during the delivery, the creative team was able to share the maelstrom of the moment with the rest of the world.

“In all my years working on Pampers, it is initiatives like #HopeisBorn that keep me feeling so connected to the brand. When Pampers steps up as a Force for Good, we are reminded of why we do what we do every day: To drive change, restore hope, and truly make a difference,” said Karim El Fiqi, Baby Care Vice President and Brand Function Leader.

“#HopeIsBorn started out when we felt the need to support Lebanon in any way we can. Our team and agency partners simply asked the question 'How can Pampers help right now?'..."

The answer became simple: Support and uplift parents in Beirut by sparking hope through the story of Baby George, and serve babies with the diapers they need to get through this difficult time. "What I love about this initiative is that it was 100% focused on what the community needed and how Pampers could play a role as a force for good," added El Fiqi.

As part of the Force for Good initiative, Pampers distributed 1 million diapers to the babies of Beirut, and in honor of Georges, to an NGO and the two hospitals that welcomed them. The gift was part of the P&G pledge of the $ 1 million to help the families impacted on that day.

The film was created by Leo Burnett Beirut and produced by 1505 Studio.



Brand Team - P&G

Baby Care Brand Director – Omar Sharawy

Baby Care Communications Director – Assile Beydoun


Creative Team – Leo Burnett

Malek Ghorayeb: Executive Creative Director

Betty Francis: Regional Creative Director

Alisar Daher: Copywriter

Rami Rikka: Art Director

Account Management Team – Leo Burnett

Nada Abi Saleh: Managing Director

Youmna El Asmar: Planning Director

Christopher Nehme: Communication Manager

Line Mansour: Senior Communication Executive


Production Team

Gabriel Abou Daher: Head of AV – Leo Burnett

Jad Rahme: Director – Studio 1505

Samer Fleihan: Producer – Studio 1505

Ziad Chahoud: DP – Studio 1505