Paris Agency L'Associé Creates The Christmas Card 2020 Deserves
Posted on 2020 Dec,22  | By ArabAd's staff

French agency L'Associé is very much looking forward to 2021 so they decided to say goodbye to 2020 with a holiday card befitting of the last 12 months.

We all know what 2020 was, no need for a long speech about how it affected us as individuals, companies and societies. It was without doubt a terrible year.

To that end, Paris-based agency L'Associé decided to give 2020 the Christmas card it deserved. They figured a pretty awful year like 2020 deserves a pretty awful holiday video so they sent the agency’s founder, Gilles Rivollier, wandering the streets of a grey and empty Paris, dressed in an equally grim 90’s suit, to create "This Christmas", a 90's style karoake video.

The video was entirely shot on DV cam and no stone was left unturned to locate the perfect Christmas song - in the depths of a stock music library.



The film continues for 8 minuntes with that classic dvd logo bouncing around the screen. Viewers are invited to correctly guess the number of times it hits the corner and enter a drawing for a special L'Associé Christmas gift!

Let’s hope that 2021 deserves a better Christmas video than this one.