Publicis Middle East and Jeep Wrangler tap into the Halloween vibe
Posted on 2023 Oct,31  | By ArabAd's staff

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With its air of mystery and excitement, the spooky season provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience in unique and engaging ways.

Everyone loves a good treat, especially during Halloween.

For this occasion, Jeep introduces spine-tingling Wrangler designs sure to send shivers down the spine of the fans of this model.

Central to Jeep Wrangler's latest campaign is the fascinating tradition of vehicle naming, hinting at the unique personality and character of each vehicle. Jeep builds the SUVs, but it's the personal touches, customizations, and unique names given by owners that breathe life and soul into each vehicle.

Highlighting this sentiment, Jeep in collaboration with Publicis Middle East presents eerie Wrangler visuals celebrating the Halloween spirit. More than a factory-produced vehicle, the Jeep Wrangler represents a canvas molded and crafted by the passion of its owners.

This season, Jeep challenges you to visualize their iconic SUVs in their most ghostly guises in order to infuse the spirit of Halloween. Imagine a Dracula-themed Jeep or one inspired by zombies. It's all about capturing the essence of Halloween legends through the versatile Wrangler and embracing the Halloween spirit by revamping your car. It’s a fear that most people can relate to and it’s fun.

So with spooky season in full swing, Jeep urges its fan base to rekindle the spirit of Halloween within the frame of a Wrangler.




Agency: Publicis Middle East

Tuki Ghias | Executive Creative Director

Anton Marais | Creative Director

Oussama El Founi | Associate Creative Director

Johan Granados | Senior English Copywriter

Stefano Chiabrando | Senior Art Director

Abdullah Samir | Art Director

Randy Balbon | Art Director

Stuart Randall | Business Lead

Karim El Habre | Account Executive

Tamara Beaino | Social Manager