Samsung rolls out ‘The Breakup Edit’ for Valentine’s Day
Posted on 2024 Feb,14  | By ArabAd's staff

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Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Series, with the AI Edit feature highlighted in a film created by Cheil Dubai, lets users remove the ex from their lives...and pictures.

With love in the air, and the season of heart-shaped balloons and red roses descending across the region, Samsung is taking on a different spin on this occasion by addressing the elephant in the room – the pre-Valentine’s Day breakups.

Getting over someone isn’t easy, especially when gigabytes of memories on phones keep reminding users of them. But a breakup doesn’t mean they have to delete those epic moments of themselves too.

Created by Cheil Dubai, “The Breakup Edit” film showcases the newest AI-powered Galaxy S24 Series, which has been presented as a feature that helps make heartbreaks a little easier to forget. 

The spot highlights how user-friendly is the Generative AI Edit feature, as one can simply erase that not-so-special someone out of their lives (and photos) with a few taps – just like that! And while this won’t mend a broken heart, it can at least mend their photos, and let out some steam. They can also replace the ex-shaped void with something more delightful. Perhaps a cute puppy, the ride-or-die BFF, a celebrity crush, or even a unicorn – anything that brings a smile to their face.

The theme and approach Samsung and its creative agency have taken is light-hearted and spot-on to mark Valentine’s Day. 

This latest campaign stems from the insight that a lot of couples reassess their relationships in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, and so a surge of breakups happen. It’s a story that most of us can sadly relate to at some point of our lives.

James Tan, Cheil Dubai Creative Director, adds, “by shifting the spotlight, we wanted to highlight the benefit of Galaxy’s Generative AI Edit feature, through a relevant story of a breakup, saying that if love doesn’t work out, we’re here to help you work it out.”