The tasty sound of tea featured in a series of shorts by Beattie + Dane for Almunayes tea
Posted on 2023 Mar,30  | By ArabAd's staff

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Kuwait-based Beattie + Dane creative shop has just rolled out a series of quirky shorts slated for the Ramadan season. 

Titled “The Sound of Tea”, these shorts were developed for Almunayes, a Kuwaiti homegrown tea brand, which sources its tea from the finest producers in the world, the Ceylon region. 

“When briefed to create a campaign for the Ramadan season, it was clear we had to remind people that Almunayes tea knows what tea is all about,” explained the creative team at Beattie + Dane.  

However, the challenge for the creative team was to speak of tea without showing people drinking it, since it isn’t appropriate to show food and beverage consumption during the 12 hours of the day when people are going with their fasting.

And the challenge was met with an off-beat concept-- a series of 10 shorts that shows in each spot someone going about a daily activity (sewing, swimming, reading, cleaning etc.) The sound of each activity is muted and instead punctuated by a loud tea sip meant to express delight in the deliciousness of the drink.

It is well known within the tea drinking community that the sip, even though loud and sometimes off-putting, is how real tea is drunk. As a matter of fact, real tea drinkers always advocate slurping your sip for the best flavor experience and it is also said that if if you do not slurp when drinking tea, you are NOT serious about tea.

After all, the brand holds a strong heritage with tea drinkers and this needed to be incorporated into the films. And the shorts work like real teasers enhancing the idea of a great taste out there awaiting Almunayes tea drinkers, as the ultimate message conveyed is that Almunayes tea looks good, smells good, and even sounds good.





Advertising Agency: Beattie+Dane

Executive Creative Director: Anes Al-Rayes

Strategist: Shaya Al Majed, Omar Al Nafisi

Art Director: Yasmeen Al Ayoub

Copywriter: Ahmed Hisham

Director: Abdulaziz Al Soraya

DOP: Abdulrazaq Al Soraya

Editor: Faisal Al Munayes, Abdulrazak Al Soraya