When hidden wounds remain untreated
Posted on 2021 Aug,03

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As we come close to the one year memorial of the Beirut Blast (4 August), so many wounds ooze and emotions resurface, many of which remain untold, unheard and unseen and thus untreated.

Our mental health is highly at stake, despite the efforts that Embrace, a non-profit organization that works to raise awareness around mental health in Lebanon, has placed in the past 12 months to listen and alleviate the internal wounds and reach out to those in need of mental and emotional support. 

The NGO’s commitment to the mission and people’s ongoing support enabled them to open the Embrace Mental Health Center in one month post blast. This center provided direct and quality mental health care to individuals who were traumatized by the explosion, and together with the National Lifeline 1564 and numerous awareness sessions, enabled us to reach more than 9,500 individuals during this past year. 

The film campaign was created and produced wholeheartedly by Embrace, in collaboration with Lebanese Director Samia Badih and the Beirut Film Institute, to tell the story of the many hidden wounds that, since August 4 and until today, remain untold, unheard, and thus untreated. 

While it encourages people to donate, It  also serves as a reminder that, today, we still need the support of all people who believe that mental health is an essential gateway to wellbeing.