World Vision Lebanon and PIMO Join Forces to Eradicate Violence Against Children
Posted on 2020 Dec,23

“It takes a world to end violence against children.” This was the tagline with which World Vision Lebanon launched its campaign to raise awareness and address the issue of violent child discipline under the patronage of the General Director of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Judge Abdallah Ahmad and the Higher Council for Childhood.

With the pressure of COVID-19 and confinement, the economic crisis, and the devastating impact of the Beirut Port blast, stressors on parents are increasing. At times, these stressors are affecting parents, leading to outbursts, and children are often on the receiving end.

The World Vision Lebanon campaign is a call to action with the belief that we all have a role to play, to stand together so we can protect children from all types of violence.

To create maximum impact, the PIMO team worked on a 360-degree campaign to announce that World Vision is supporting parents to adopt positive parenting practices and that it created a Facebook Group “Platform for Parenting Support”, a private and safe space where parents and caregivers can receive advice and support from specialists free of charge and in strict confidentiality.

PIMO also came up with a very emotional and engaging TVC, in collaboration with Producer Gilbert Nahas and Director Faraj Aoun from Nahas Films, which struck a chord with parents and caregivers, thanks to its production value and stunning images, while actress Nada Abou Farhat also lent her voice and support to the cause.



Building on the TVC’s concept of a bouquet of balloons, with each one representing an emotion that we would like to nurture in our children, PIMO came up with a creative activation that involved various opinion leaders, actors, psychologists, dieticians, influencers, reporters, journalists, sports figuresand artists all receiving their own bouquet of balloons with the request to select one balloon featuring one emotion and to share a heartfelt velfie about the word on their social media platforms, as well as sharing the original TVC.

One special appearance of a bouquet of balloons took place on OTV channel with famed TV presenter Ricardo Karam, who is a strong advocate of social causes. Another bouquet grabbed the nation’s attention, when it was delivered live to Milad Hadchiti, the anchor of the morning show “Yom Jdid” on AlJadeed TV. This created highly touching and authentic moments when Hadchiti, who is also a life coach, used his voice to help children. 

The mission to keep the campaign in the nation’s consciousness was boosted by a stunt during the weather forecast segment on AlJadeed TV. Instead of the usual weather presenter, a young boy suddenly appeared and delivered the weather forecast but relating the topic to child abuse. This segment automatically went viral through being shared on social media.



This highly successful campaign was the result of a strong and positive collaboration and synergy between World Vision Lebanon and PIMO with the effective support of opinion leaders and influencers.