A Spirit of the Ages Celebrated
Posted on 2016 Jul,10  | By ArabAd staff

Despite the ever-increasing crises  the Lebanese people managed to keep their spirit, lifestyle and joy, alive. All these elements usually only come out during what we refer to as "jam3a" meaning togetherness. Sadly, and due to the above mentioned situation, the people who enjoy the company of one another are rarely in the same place at the same time. But, every once in a while, when they do get together, the celebration can never be complete without arak, a Levantine alcoholic spirit in the Anis drinks family. 

That's why, against all odds, we are reminded that: "Lebnen Ello Ta3mé", meaning that Lebanon remains a country of substance and meaning, which loosely translated could also imply that Lebanon has a unique taste and quality only found at home.

To emphasise that idea and bring the point home, a massive outdoor campaign was launched in July on the Pikasso Network for Arak Brun promoting Lebanon and the Lebanese art of living, typical of the local DNA. In line with that logic, Arak Brun was a perfect fit considering that it is one of the oldest quality traditional Lebanese arak available on the market today.

As a result, the campaign created used a series of clever and authentic visuals dating back to the 50’s of family lunches and dinners in open air. These depicted men and women of different ages enjoying each other’s company while savouring the best Lebanon has to offer. Arak Brun was positioned as the 'Ambassador of the Lebanese Art of Living' as well as the country’s oldest and most trusted brand in its category. To further cement this heritage, most of the selected pictures clearly showed the Bekaa Valley considering that the arak, which is a family business handed down from one generation to another, is made in that region.

"I believe the campaign clearly communicates the fact that we don’t build the future by mimicking modernity. Rather, we remember the moments that brought out the best in us in praise and celebration of the country that will always be, home," commented Omar Boustany, the freelance creative director behind this campaign.


Creative Director:
Omar Boustany 
Art Director: Johanne Issa