Alfa Launches #NotEverythingIsForSharing Campaign to Raise Awareness on the Importance of Responsible Sharing on Social Media
Posted on 2018 Oct,09

Alfa, managed by Orascom TMT, launched with advertising agency DDB in Dubai an interactive and thought-provoking awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness about the need to share content (pictures and news) responsibly on social media.

Entitled Window Watchers, the campaign consisted of installing large phone frames on the windows of several buildings in Beirut, turning them into innovative interactive screens carrying the slogan of the campaign #NotEverythingIsForSharing. As part of the campaign, several awareness videos were produced that presented different scenarios, some of them shocking, to highlight the importance of privacy and to remind people to keep somethings private and not share them on social media.

The campaign witnessed great interaction by passers-by and caused a stir on social media. It aimed to point out that the content to be published on social media must be carefully selected and that personal moments, stances, or even political and social beliefs must be kept private because irresponsible publishing leads to devastating personal and professional repercussions.

The campaign was launched as part of Alfa’s CSR program.