Campaign for a Social Cause: Sexual Abuse of Children
Posted on 2016 Apr,14  | By ArabAd staff

 Addressing a troubling issue plaguing young children the world over, Publicis Pixelpark in Hamburg, Germany, created a visually striking campaign that was simply bolstered through the tagline that reads: "Some touches never disappear; Help children who are victim of violence and sexual abuse."

The campaign was commissioned by the NGO Innocence in Danger (IED), an international organisation dedicated to raising awareness and protecting children against all forms of abuse. The thought-provoking images that depict handprints left on the fragile bodies of children by their assailants serve as a stark reminder of a horrific injustice that still exists till this day. The focus is to educate not only parents but also children and government officials in hope of driving them to speak-out against such horrors, and in turn, affect change. 


Advertising Agency: Publicis Pixelpark, Hamburg, Germany

Creative Directors: Philipp Hentges, Franco Felipe, Timm Weber

Art Director: Franco Felipe

Copywriter: Philipp Hentges

Photographer: Achim Lippoth

Post Producer: Zerone CGI