Diesel breaks down the walls of hate with SS17 fashion campaign
Posted on 2017 Feb,17  | By ArabAd staff

Known for his remarkable talent in joining the two worlds of hyper-realistic aesthetic and social messages, acclaimed photographer David LaChapelle has signed the directing and photography of the Diesel SS17 campaign titled “Make Love Not Walls.”

At a time when headlines are consistently shocking and acts of hate are on the rise, Italian denim brand Diesel has rolled out an international campaign designed to send out a powerful message of love, unity and tolerance.

At the heart of the commercial, Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin wanders nearby a concrete wall topped with barbwires, which of course hints at Trumps's intention to build one at the US-Mexican borders. Then, friends burst out of the concrete and join in to party and celebrate love and tolerance in an exuberant choreographed dance, much similar to a mini-pride event.

Breaking the boundaries of discrimination and hate, the wall that once divided people is destroyed only to birth the love and tolerance between individuals of different gender, race and sexuality. 

The diverse cast selected to star in this commercial speaks loud of the target demographics the brand has always supported and associated itself with. Featuring several transgender and queer models dancing, kissing, and busting through a heart-shaped hole in a wall, the spot ends with two men getting married, while flowers are thrown around them in celebration.

Artistic Director Nicola Formichetti states: “At Diesel, we have a strong position against hate and more than ever we want the world to know that.” 

To further stress the importance of tolerance and acceptance, the inflatable rainbow tank is here portrayed as a symbol of hope rather than a machine symbolysing fear, war and destruction. The tank will go on its own tour to spread love in Berlin, London, Milan, New York, Shanghai and Tokyo.  

#makelovenotwalls is all about ridding yourself and the world of both the mental and physical walls that separate individuals only to come together under the themes of love and togetherness. 

The once upon a time communication strategy of focusing solely on the product is no longer the popular approach. Brands are opting to tell meaningful stories that resonate in viewers’ minds and hearts. And lately, many brands are manifesting their anti-Trump positioning through their advertising campaign. Diesel is one of those, yet it is doing so in style. Although the fashion brand has often dealt with social issues, this time it has gone a step further by making a political statement that many are certain to embrace.



Agency: Anamoly Amsterdam 

Photographer: David LaChapelle

Creative Director: Nicola Formichetti

Fashion Editor/Stylist: Davey Sutton

Makeup Artist: Jo Baker

Main Dancer: Sergei Polunin

Soundtrack: “Higher Love” by Alex Vargas