LEGO's new global campaign 'Rebuild The World' Celebrates the Endless Potential of Creativity and Play
Posted on 2019 Sep,17

The LEGO® Group launched today 'Rebuild The World', a new global brand campaign created by BETC in collaboration with the LEGO Agency to celebrate the power of creativity and its capacity to change the world. LEGO play invites us to cultivate the creativity of our children as an essential skill to grow in an ever-changing environment. It allows them to build and rebuild infinitely, imagining creative solutions, wild stories and new worlds.

Through this film , Lego explores what could happen if our world was more like LEGO play. The campaign shows how the LEGO System in Play can create a more free, more fun and playful universe by taking something mundane and rebuilding it into something unexpected. Children often approach problems in a more creative way than adults and no matter what obstacle may show up, they see fun possibilities to overcome it. Let’s not forget that the world of tomorrow will be invented by the children of today!
Deployed across big screen cinema, events and outstanding traditional and digital out of home, the campaign will have a strong global visibility.

The campaign film follows the chase between a clever rabbit and an unlucky hunter.
Directed by the multi award-winning Traktor (Stink films), the adventure unfolds in the kind of world that only a child playing with LEGO bricks could create. Every character, animal and vehicle is based on an existing or past LEGO toy, so heads spin 360 degrees, everyday objects are outsized, and a boat can suddenly fly with a little help from a palm tree.
Featured Easter eggs span the generations, from the wooden LEGO duck toy, to a life-size replica of the LEGO House in Billund.

The film soundtrack was composed by electromusicians and composers Flavien Berger and JACQUES. The special effects were made by Mikros MPC.
The 'Rebuild The World' launch campaign includes a film (103, 90, 60 and 30 sec versions), which will run on broadcast and in cinemas, digital out of home in major cities such as London, Paris, Beijing, Mexico City, Berlin, San Francisco and New York and social media channels. 'Rebuild The World' is the first collaboration between BETC and the LEGO Group.
Julia Goldin, Chief Marketing Officer, the LEGO Group says, “Rebuild The World is all about seeing where imagination takes us and celebrating the natural creativity of children. We want to encourage and help kids around the world to develop and retain these skills as they grow older. With this campaign, we want to inspire people of all ages to unleash their creativity to create a world of infinite possibilities through LEGO play.”

Rémi Marcelli, Senior Vice President, Head of The LEGO Agency says, “Rebuild The World is our most ambitious global brand campaign to date. It’s the result of a unique collaboration between our talented LEGO Agency and BETC Paris, which led to a perfect balance: the campaign is a new, modern expression of the true, deep foundations of the LEGO brand. It is a playful interpretation of our mission to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow.

“Rebuild The World is a claim that carries a universal value and topicality today. Playing with LEGO bricks combines the possibility to rebuild the currently existing as well as the opportunity to invent something never seen before, offers an infinite tool for children to play and imagine the world. If building is creating, then rebuilding is unlimited creativity and optimism,” says Rémi Babinet, BETC Founder and Creative Director. “It’s a great honour to partner strategically and creatively with a beloved brand that is as passionate about building and creativity as we are.”