Leroy Merlin Presents the Story of a Life’s Adventure
Posted on 2017 Mar,21  | By ArabAd staff

DIY French retailer Leroy Merlin has taken a new direction in its communication with the introduction of a new tagline "Leroy Merlin. Build Your Life" unveiled through a spectacular film created by BETC Shopper.

The concept is built on the idea that we all have projects in life. Some big, some small. One significant project in the life of many couples is usually the making of a home. It’s an adventure on its own. Therefore, BETC Shopper chose a metaphor to illustrate the life adventure  of a couple through the renovation of their home with the odyssey of a house sailing on an open sea to celebrate the courage, the energy and the know-how of those who dare going all the way to get things done and achieving their dreams. 

The film depicts the ebb and flow of the project, the doubts, the successes until the final achievement at the end of the adventure and the pride that comes with it. 

The home improvement store brand is trying to deliver an inspiring message and shows that it is as passionate about these projects as its clients and wants to contribute in helping them build their life.

"The production of this commercial was epic as we had to shoot the scenes three times: first on dry land, another time on a moving set and then finally on water," explains BETC Shopper team.

This spectacular shoot, that took place during seven days in South Africa, called on divers, drones and helicopters to capture beautiful images, amazing landscapes and raw emotions.

The campaign was directed by Reynald Gresset (La PAC) with Mathias Boucard as director of photography. This poetic ad is supported by a cover of the Rod Stewart "Sailing" famous track, which adds another thick emotional layer to the film.

With this new brand positioning, Leroy Merlin hopes to give energy to all those who plan to take on the adventure of a home project.

The most memorable brand stories tell the unexpected, speak directly to the heart or dare you to live life to the fullest. And this short film is sure to strike an emotional chord among viewers because it succeeds in doing exactly that.



Brand: Leroy Merlin

Ad Agency: BETC Shopper

Chief Creative Officer: Stephane Xiberras

Executive Creative Director: Olivier Apers

Creatives: Viken Guzel, Jean-Marie Gateau

Director: Reynald Gresset

Production Company: La PAC