Lucky Everyday
Posted on 2016 Jan,15  | By ArabAd staff

La Libanaise Des Jeux (LLDJ), the exclusive operator of lottery games throughout Lebanon, kicked off 2016 with a new offering dubbed \'Yawmiyeh\', which means daily in Arabic, a game with high odds that allows players to win daily.

The TV campaign, created by the team at Impact BBDO Beirut and produced by Wonderful Productions pokes fun at the stereotypical Lebanese who spend more money than they have. Through three films directed by Amine Dora, we meet the Lebanese cliches:

The everyday party goer who complains about being unemployed while brandishing the latest phone. The woman decked out in brands from head to toe who huffs about her boss's stinginess. And finally, the man in a luxurious apartment planning a huge wedding while complaining that his rich father-in-law is not pitching in.

We watch as these three characters are confronted by their skeptical friends who question them about their fishy source of income and are then astonished when the characters reveal that the source powering their lavish lifestyle is 'Yawmiyeh'.

Positioned as an easy solution for some pocket money and the key to a lush life, this online and TV campaign was further supported by press and outdoor ads. Yawmiyeh's catch phrase ''Kel Yom Yawmak' (literally meaning: every day is your day), a pun in Arabic, hints that you're guaranteed good luck every day.