Maccaw Salutes the Healthy Generation
Posted on 2015 Aug,08  | By ArabAd staff

A day in the life of any of the four young Lebanese talents featured in the new TV commercial created by Rizk Group for Maccaw brand has little in common with that of their peers.

Gabrielle Douaihy is a sixteen-year- old swimming champion who boasts more than 200 Lebanese medals and who has achieved impressive results during numerous international competitions. She has been tirelessly working towards reaching an Olympic level since age five, all the while maintaining outstanding academic results.

Nay Mouawad is an accomplished dancer and ballet teacher who has been relentlessly practicing and perfecting her art since age four. In order to make it as a teacher and main dancer in one of Beirut’s leading studios; she has gathered experience in some of the most prestigious dancing institutions abroad.

Jalal Sadek is the tennis champion of Lebanon in the under 14 year-old category, and was selected by the International Tennis Federation to be
a part of the West Asia Talent Team. In July 2015, he was ranked 9th in Asia. Jalal is playing with another Lebanese talent Laetitia Rizk, currently ranked in the top three players in her category.

Roy Azzi is a musician and a DJ
who has established a widespread reputation as DJ Scarface since the
age of sixteen. In addition to his DJing activities at some of Beirut’s best nightclubs and parties, he has animated radio shows and founded his own alternative event planning company.

These four have always made
their passion their number one priority. They know the importance of determination. They will tell you that the time will come when waking up for practice and staying focused on your goals despite the turmoil of life will seem unachievable. There will be times when giving in to peer pressure and the appeal of entertaining new technologies will seem like the easier option. There will be times when saying no to yet another night out, another friendly gathering will seem too overwhelming. But they will also tell you that it is during these challenging times that you need to muster your inner strength, the passion and drive that push you to always give it your best.

It is that ambitious and unbreakable spirit, which the local renowned
juice brand wants to pay tribute to, with this new campaign aimed at a younger generation of loyal consumers, especially when mass media has made it harder for young people to resist peer pressure and has eroded private and individual values and standards.

Generation Z (ages three to 20) is often described as lazy, self-absorbed and listless. It is exposed to all kinds of reckless advertising, leaving a
small leeway for parents to convince their children that being talented is something to be proud of, that being good at your hobby and dedicated to it doesn’t make you a nerd or a loser.

Dedicated and inspired, the Rizk Group creative team has chosen
to highlight the fact that the
qualities necessary for extraordinary achievements are naturally present within each and every one of us. We
all have our inner individual drive, passion, ambition, dedication and aspiration, and our capabilities are simply waiting to be awakened and channeled by a strong, empowering message; and since these qualities
are natural, they had to be associated with the spirit of Maccaw; a brand positioned as an authentic and natural dedicated to providing its consumers with a healthy, refreshing, and energising product, one that brings out the best in them.



Agency: Rizk Group

Client: LibanJus

Concept: Alain Rizk

Creative Director: Badr Aboulhosn

Art Director: Nataly Majdalani

Project Director: Andre Rizk

Copywriter: Isabelle Tanios

Director: André Chammas

DOP: Yves Sehnaoui

Production House: Studio Vision