Royal Jordanian Airlines tackles discrimination head on
Posted on 2017 May,03  | By Iain Akerman

Royal Jordanian has launched a new campaign that seeks to tackle all forms of discrimination.

Created by Memac Ogilvy and directed by Omar Hilal, the film throws the viewer into the world of an Arab boarding an airplane, highlighting the fear, judgement and isolation that they sometimes face.

“Royal Jordanian is a brand that is always looking to have a conversation with customers,” said Paul Shearer, group chief creative officer at Memac Ogilvy, and one of the writers of the spot alongside Hadi Alaeddin. “In the past it’s been through humour and lighthearted banter, as with the Trump election. This time they wanted to address a growing tension and discrimination against some Arab people. Just because you look Arab doesn’t mean you are not afraid as well.”

The commercial, which was shot by production house Dejavu, uses the camera to both pan over passengers and to document their stares, all of which are targeted at a lone man who the viewer does not see until the very end. “I’m not afraid of flying. But the people around me are afraid of me,” says the voiceover. “People who are afraid discriminate. Those discriminated against – they’re even more afraid.”

“The purpose was to tackle all forms of discrimination,” said Shearer. “It was also to reach out to the Western world to say ‘don’t judge us by what others do’.”



Client: Royal Jordanian

Production house: Dejavu Dubai

Executive producer: Manasvi Gosalia

Producer: Giuliano Doman

Director: Omar Hilal

DOP: Quim Miguel

Editor: Ahmed Hafez

Music: Sary Hany

Agency: Ogilvy Jordan

Writers: Paul Shearer, Hadi Alaeddin

Arabic copy: Lama Hannoun, Lana Cattan

Art director: Amr Hourani

Managing director: Mohammad Kamal