Star Café gives a twist to real daily conversations with “Lezim Nehké” campaign
Posted on 2019 May,11

Sharing a genuine conversation around a good cup of coffee is an instinctive part of human nature as much as it is part of our local culture. This is the positioning that Star Café adopted in its latest TV campaign by Beirut-based agency PIMO.

The campaign leverages real insights: the first being that Star Café, a good value high quality coffee brand, is usually enjoyed with family and loved ones in life’s peaceful moments.
The second is the familiar sense of dread we all feel whenever anyone approaches us and utters the sentence “Lezim nehké” (“We need to talk”). In the campaign this common situation is given a playful twist with each scenario beginning with typical thoughts of anxiety but leading up to a heartwarming, positive ending.
Each situation portrayed in the campaign evokes real-life conversations familiar to everyone and particularly relevant to the target consumer.
Not only is this campaign a light-hearted reflection of everyday life but also, in this age of technology and social media, encourages a return to the tradition of engaging in face to face conversations. And PIMO is keen to show through its campaigns that “Real insight makes real impact”.