The Reality of Life with MS Experienced by an Ad Woman
Posted on 2016 Sep,14  | By ArabAd staff

Ogilvy Paris has created a powerful film about living with MS that features one of its very own employees -- Kim Ball, Ogilvy's global director of communications.



The video, created for the Rocky Mountain MS Center at which Kim Ball was a keynote speaker at a gala early September, interviews her daughter, Sienna, speaking about the daily realities of life with her mom.

The film depicts Sienna riding on a skateboard behind her mom's wheelchair through the streets of Paris. What's touching is her honesty -- she mentions sometimes how she doesn't want people to know about her mother having MS, because she wants to be treated "normally" -- and the mature way in which she focuses on the positives, not the negatives, of living with someone who has the disease.

It makes for an inspiring and thought-provoking film. From the perspective of the creative team, we were incredibly moved to discover something we hadn't realised about someone whom we work with regularly -- perhaps an all-too-common reality in a world so reliant on digital and mobile communications.