Tiffany & Co Targets Same-Sex Couple for the First Time
Posted on 2015 Jan,10  | By ArabAd staff

Tiffany & Co is making headlines with the release of its latest print advertising campaign featuring a same-sex couple to promote the jeweller's iconic engagement rings --a first for the 178-year-old company

Hence, the brand breaks in tradition and joins the ranks of Gap, Banana Republic, and Barney's New York who have also used same-sex couples in their advertising, although gay couples are still widely underrepresented in the media. However, in this same market category, Cartier was the first to feature a real same-sex couple.

Speaking on the 'Will You?' campaign, Tiffany spokesperson Linda Buckley said: "Nowadays, the road to marriage is no longer linear. True love can happen more than once with love stories coming together in a variety of forms." 'Will You?' features seven portrait scenes of different couples and was shot by renowned fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh. One out of the seven shows two men, chosen by the company for they are dating in real life.

The copy reads: 'Will you promise to never stop completing my sentences or singing off-key, which I’m afraid you do often? And will you let today be the first sentence of one long story that never, ever ends?'

The advertisement witnessed a great deal of positive feedback on social media platforms where people were quick to give thumbs up to Tiffany & Co. for such a brave move.

The global campaign includes video, digital, and social components designed to reach Tiffany consumers across different channels and was developed in collaboration with agency Ogilvy & Mather New York.