When a Dot Makes a Whole Difference
Posted on 2017 Feb,27  | By ArabAd staff

Giving blood is generally very low down on people’s "to do" list. Publicis ME were tasked by American Excellence Medical Centre in the UAE to come up with a campaign to encourage blood donation.

The concept sprung from powerful insights taken from the Arabic language. One being that in Arabic "dot of blood" similarly translates to "drop of blood” in English. And the second is the use of the diacritic dot, in written Arabic, which can change the meaning of a word.

The result is three artistically rendered arabic wordings that contain double meaning should we remove or add the dot and translate almost literally the idea that your blood has the power to change someone's life by a great magnitude. 

Indeed the message says that just adding a dot to a negative word can change it into a positive one, therefore it is imperative to donate regularly to save lives and make a difference.

Leonardo da Vinci once said: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". With minimalist styling at heart, this eye-catching piece of communication will hopefully spark conversation around a great cause and initiate behavioural change.



Advertising Agency: Publicis ME, Dubai, UAE

Creative Directors: Jan Leube, Husen Baba, Vijay Simon

Art Directors: Husen Baba, Haitham Medhat

Copywriter: Haitham Medhat

Arabic Calligrapher: Eduard Dimasov

Account Manager : Rola Haddad