Al-Futtaim IKEA offers stress-free shopping experience for couples with ‘Couch Counselling’
Posted on 2023 Feb,14  | By ArabAd's staff

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Studies show that furniture shopping remains one of the leading causes of relationship tensions. Al-Futtaim IKEA, the renowned Swedish home furnishings retailer in the UAE, took an innovative approach to help couples overcome this challenge and avoid disagreements in the process.

It launched “Couch Counselling”, an initiative that brought on professional relationship counsellors and therapists with whom couples could reserve consultation sessions where they can discuss any relationship issues— including decision-making around furniture.

The campaign has been put together in collaboration with IMPACT BBDO Dubai and Impact Porter Novelli.

With this limited-period “Couch Counselling” activation, Al-Futtaim IKEA said in a press statement that its aim was “to offer a stress-free shopping experience for couples," as the brand's mission is "to help create a better everyday life, but also help couples make their home beautiful, cosy, and, most importantly, in sync with each other’s taste.”

The activation film highlights typical tensed situations couples face when shopping for furniture. One couple argues over whether the room they are buying a couch for is a game room or a study, and another complaint about not agreeing on a coffee table in 25 years. To help avoid such tensions, couples can scan the QR code, placed on selected furniture items in the store, to book a counselling session.



Also, the store featured posters that bear a call-to-action that directed customers to a microsite.

Commenting on the campaign, Carla Klumpenaar, General Manager - Marketing, Communication, HF and Retail Design at Al-Futtaim IKEA in UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Oman, said, “At Al-Futtaim IKEA, we understand the importance of creating a home that truly reflects the personality, needs and dreams of the people living in it. We are always determined to help the many people create a better everyday life. Through this fun activation which went live for one day, we gave our customer’s value-added services to support their shopping experience.’’





Agency: Impact BBDO & Impact Porter Novelli

Shifa Al Usman – Senior Account Manager

Shay Thomas – Account Manager

Lowelyn Ramos – Account Executive



Carla Klumpenaar- GM Marketing, Communication, HF and Retail Design

Dina AlSahhar- Regional Marketing Manager

Binita Chowdhury- Regional Campaign & PR Leader

Houda Sfar- Regional Marketing Specialist

Merah Abu Shattal - Digital Marketing Specialist