BETC and CANAL+ imagine a campaign validated by the streets for the launch of 'Validé' Season 2
Posted on 2021 Nov,08

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This October, French TV channel Canal+ launched the second season of its hit TV show

"Validé”, the first real dive behind the scenes series of French rap, which was to become a real phenomenon in just a few episodes, is back on Canal+ for a long-awaited second season, after a first season that broke the network's all-time records. 

To promote this series that dives into the rap game, CANAL+ and Paris-based BETC agency wanted to target rap fans in the most authentic way possible. They decided to let rap fans create the campaign themselves ! Because, who better than the streets can validate the streets ?

BETC and Canal+ have created an integrated campaign that starts from online influence using an Instagram filter in the shape of the TV show's logo that let users "validate" their friends, their style and their lifestyle with it. For example, it could be a particular piece of skill while playing football, some unqiue street food, the talented neighborhood rapper, a dope outfit, a gifted graffiti artist ... Tens of thousands of stories and reels were created by fans that made their own this street cred label.

These authentic moments of life were then used in key visuals of the outdoor campaign of Validé, adding to the global promotion ecosystem of the TV show during launch. A series of validations by fans were broadcasted along with the official artwork in digital out-of-home all over France. It was also displayed on the largest vertical screen of the country, in front of the Citadium Caumartin store, a place that is much visited by fans of street culture.

An ambient operation also took place inside the Citadium store in a collaboration between Validé and Adidas. A custom-made recording booth was created and open to the public. More than 700 wannabe music artists took advantage of the space and recorded their own freestyle. The installation helped Canal+ engage fans of the show in an even more immersive way.

The authenticity of the campaign helped the success of the series, which was definitely validated by the streets. Season 2 generated more than 10 million views in 6 days and more than 16 million views in the first month post-launch.




Brand: Canal+
Brand Managers: Celine Pontygayot, Juliette Ovarlez, Joseph Ricoeur
Ad Agency: BETC
Agency Managers: Guillaume Espinet, Mathilde Lancon, Coline Helmreich, Louise Billion
Executive Creative Director: Stephane Xiberras
Creative Director: Nicolas Lautier
Associate Creative Director: Adrian Skenderovic
Art Director: David Derouet
Assistant Art Director: Alice Resseguier
Traffic Manager: Nina De Wet
Strategic Planners: Sebastien Houdusse, Martin Lagache
Producers: Hicham Ghazaoui, Lara-Jane Lelievre
Influence Managers: Hicham Ghazaoui, Marine Birolleau (BETC), Celia Romanelli, Sixtine Coudert, Sarah Berland, Emilie Cabanie, Benoit Cappelletti (Havas Media)