Chevrolet Arabia Reimagines Iconic Fawazir Riddle Shows
Posted on 2021 May,09  | By ArabAd's staff

This Ramadan, aka peak season for automotive sales as advertisements flood both your TV screens and your city streets, Chevrolet Arabia is setting itself apart with its latest Fawazir Chevrolet campaign.

Through a bold and unexpected move, Chevrolet is tapping into nostalgia from the ‘70s and ‘80s by bringing the famous and loved Fawazir riddle shows back to life, reimagining them with a modern and youthful twist.

Fawazir Chevrolet is an exciting and riddle-filled Ramadan social campaign that surprisingly enough, doesn’t show or mention a single car. Instead, Chevrolet is inviting viewers to guess the cars hidden within the riddles, to win extra Ramadan savings.

During a month saturated with drama series, Fawazir Chevrolet offers viewers the exact opposite: light-hearted, fun, and refreshing content.

When it comes to automotive ads, we are used to seeing dark, gloomy colors and static images of cars, but this social campaign is everything but that. It has a bold and fresh aesthetic with an absolutely vibrant and dynamic vibe. It also breaks away from cliché Ramadan imagery where we see happy families gathering around the table, mothers cooking iftar, kids running around the neighborhood with lanterns, etc.

Fawazir Chevrolet is a beautiful nod to the iconic riddle shows that audiences across the region first fell in love with in the 70s. From having an exciting intro and outro to rhyming riddles, fun costumes, and a one-man show approach, there’s something for everyone. Influencer host Hamoody Bambi brings the riddles to life through his energetic performance and humorous character. 

Knowing users are constantly on their phones during Ramadan and constantly hungry for entertaining content, Fawazir Chevrolet made sure every riddle looks visually interesting and different each time. Not just that, through a series of different character changes, Bambi gives the viewers hints to solve the riddle, so that each character is directly linked to the answer.

For generations, families gathering around the TV to solve the daily riddle was an integral part of Ramadan entertainment culture across the region. In doing these episodes, Chevrolet attempts to evoke feelings of nostalgia and to modernize Fawazir into a snackable, social series, while honoring the beloved traditions that made it a Ramadan favorite.