India Gate launches new television campaign for the GCC
Posted on 2022 Jun,05  | By ArabAd's staff

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India Gate Rice International, the largest exporter of branded Basmati rice globally, has unveiled a brand new TV Commercial for the GCC region.

The 54-second-long commercial was released in English, Arabic and Hindi language and has aired on all major regional channels and news networks, within GCC including Abu Dhabi TV, Dubai TV, MBC Drama, Rotana Khaleejiah, Rotana Cinema, Zee Aflam, Zee Alwan & Alrai TV.

The campaign was conceived and developed by Dubai-based Rain creative agency, with Nudge Media as production house.

Directed by Nizar Sfair, the advertisement captures the spirit of a modern-day Arabian home, rich in values of culture, family, togetherness, and a shared love for quality food.

The commercial features three generations-- a grandparent, parents & grandchildren--portraying the contrast between two worlds of mothers – the young Arab woman and her mom. While their parenting styles and roles may differ, what’s common is their ability to cook with instinct. This elevates cooking from a chore to an act of love. And the brand that understands cooking with instinct is the original classic – India Gate.

The family is depicted enjoying a traditional meal made using India Gate’s finest basmati rice, displaying the emotion of warmth one experiences whilst sharing a meal with their loved ones.

The commercial also sheds light on evolving family systems, where male members co-share, co-parent the workload of women of the household wholeheartedly, be it by offering comfort at the end of a long day or helping in the kitchen, as she prepares a meal. It depicts the modern-day realities and aspirations of the present households. The Arab household has moved far ahead of some of the traditional clichés and India Gate has been part of these transitions. 

KRBL’s India Gate Rice Director, Priyanka Mittal said:Through the new campaign, we portray the affinity & trust our consumers share with the brand through generations and how seamlessly India Gate products blend into their lives and remaining consistent with the changing realities through time, adding values of flavour, richness, familiarity & taste among others.”

“We wanted to appeal to a younger cohort of women who today manage their lives outside of being wives and moms. Working women, who are aware of food beyond their current geographies and understand what it takes to keep their family’s traditions alive while keeping pace with the modern-day realities; food and nutrition become the mainstay of the continuously evolving connect. Our research pointed to an interesting fact, that just as a mom is instinctive about her family, she’s instinctive about rice too and knows exactly how to cook it for it to be perfect. For her cooking is not just about recipes, it’s her instincts at play, something she got from her mom who got it from her mom. The legacy of cooking with instinct is a mom’s ally in the kitchen and this instinct makes her value authenticity. There is nothing more authentic than the original Classic,” she further added.

India Gate has been consistently catering to the growing appetite of rice lovers in the region. The year 2022 holds a special significance, as the brand is celebrating 30 years of successful run in the Middle East, a journey that first began in 1993 when KRBL launched its flagship brand Bab-Al-Hind (which translates to ‘India Gate’ in Arabic) in Saudi Arabia.

Driven by an aspiration to build a successful brand and take the best of India abroad, the company decided to spread its wings overseas, especially in the MENA (Middle-East and North African) region. Three decades later, India Gate has emerged as a popular brand in the Middle East with Saudi as its largest buyer. The brand accounts for about 75 per cent of KRBL’s rice exports.