Jersey For Memory: FCINQ and Red Card for Qatar pay tribute to workers ahead of France's semi-final match
Posted on 2022 Dec,13  | By ArabAd's staff

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On February 21, 2021, the British newspaper The Guardian published an investigation estimating that more than 6,500 migrant workers died in Qatar since the country was awarded the World Cup. Since then, this figure has circulated at least 400,000 times on Twitter alone.

So while France is getting prepared for the big game against Morocco tomorrow and the momentum is building up ahead ot the historic match, many haven't forgotten about the injustices that led up to this year's World Cup, particularly the 6,500+ that died building the stadiums.

In order that the excitement over the French team’s journey to victory doesn’t let French people (and the world) forget what happened off the pitch and the thousands unaccounted for, the association 'Red Card for Qatar' and French digital studio FCinq are launching “Jersey of Memory", an activation taking place on social media and across France to pay homage to those lost.   

The idea is simple: While fans around the world are wearing their favorite player’s number, black jerseys have been created with the names of those that went missing. 

Artists, athletes, journalists, public figures, football influencers, and many others, received the jerseys and were invited to post about across their social networks. 

Beyond the internet, the jerseys have also been worn at several events: a football match with the LGBTQ+ team Les Dégommeuses, Climate Academy, and an event at eco-café and pub la Cité Fertile. 

In parallel, the association created a website "" devoted to the cause: Internet users can, via the site, share images of the jerseys and personalize pre-written messages on their own social networks. 

This site also lists all the counter-events organized by the association "Red Card for Qatar" through the end of the World Cup. 



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