Marcel launches playful campaign to showcase the remarkable progress AI has made in six years
Posted on 2023 Jun,19  | By ArabAd's staff

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Six years ago, at Cannes 2017, Publicis Groupe launched Marcel - an AI tool designed to be at the service of its talent. However, what followed was a great deal of skepticism.

Six years later, as the industry gravitates to the Croisette for the most high-profile event of the year, a plethora of mainstage sessions, fringe events and panel debates are set to regale the benefits of AI.

And Marcel is ready to celebrate as well.

The agency has launched a tongue-in-cheek campaign that uses a demo of AI itself to playfully recreate those initial reactions to this early AI investment. 

From industry execs, shareholders and talent, the campaign is designed to remind the industry just how far AI has progressed in a short amount of time.

“Six years ago, AI was laughed at and criticized. Fast forward, and you see that every company at Cannes is keenly announcing its latest AI partnership,” said Carla Serrano, Chief Strategy Officer, Publicis Groupe. “AI is a tool that has long sat at the center of our model: across Sapient for enhanced customer experience; at Epsilon to enrich and activate in real-time our first-party data; in Media and critically in Creativity, where it enhances dynamic creativity while optimizing, accelerating and simplifying production processes.”

Since 2017, Marcel has grown and evolved to become a competitive advantage and central part of Publicis Groupe, connecting global talent with content, growth and opportunity.

Today, Marcel is providing generative AI capabilities and offerings, enabling employees to leverage GPT-based services through industry partnerships, as well as its own self-created generative AI services to enhance productivity of its people.
Most recently, Marcel launched PublicisGPT, which puts the power of generative AI in the hands of its global talent. 

As the original early adopters of AI, Publicis Groupe has been resilient, progressive and relentless in its journey into the future.