Paname Brewing Co. and L’Associé create a special beer therapy range
Posted on 2021 Nov,02

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Paname Brewing Co. and L’Associé create a special beer therapy range-- a limited edition line of three unique artisanal beers-- to help beer lovers deal with the loss of smell.

As a consequence of long Covid, up to 80% of people infected by the virus have lost their sense of smell.

With this in mind, Paris-based communications agency L’Associé and craft brewery Paname Brewing Company have worked together to develop an exceptionally aromatic new line of beers --the first ever designed to help people with anosmia, one of the most common symptoms of COVID 19-- that would help people retrain their sense of smell.

Founded in 2015, Paname Brewing Company’s artisanal beers are brewed in Paris and offered at its two locations as well as bars throughout the French capital. Over the last year, L’Associé has partnered with Paname Brewing Company to support its communication and marketing through the brand’s identity and its declination across points of contact (signage, area planning, packaging). This year, the brand is helping people recover from the effects of Covid, with a new range of “Beer Therapy” for those still facing them.

Designed for beer lovers who suffer from anosmia, Paname Brewing Company’s limited edition line is directly inspired by studies on the rehabilitation of the sense of smell, which reveal that smelling a familiar scent on a regular basis can help restore the sense.

“We were reading articles about scent training. The idea that you choose a favourite scent and smell it every day, to retrain your nose. And we said to ourselves, a favourite scent? Sounds like beer,” explain Creative Directors Mark Forgan and Jamie Standen.

"Usually the brand briefs the agency, but this time it was the agency briefing the brewers. We really pushed them to make the most aromatic beers possible,” adds Gilles Rivollier, founder of L’Associé.

Working with the agency, the brewers created three beers with exceptionally strong scents.

"Simple instructions on the cans themselves tell the drinker to pour the beer into a glass and then inhale the aromas while imagining what they represent. That's the idea underlying idea of scent reeducation,” add the creative directors. 

“Aromas are very much a part of appreciating a beer. We wanted to help. Other beer lovers get the sense of smell back, so they can enjoy all the facets a well brewed beer has to offer," notes Michael Kennedy, co-founder of Paname Brewing Company. But, he adds, “Everyone can enjoy our Beer Therapy range, whether they’ve lost their sense of smell or not. The aromatic style is very popular at the moment and rightly so.”

After accepting the challenge to create these aromatic beers, the brewers at Paname Brewing Company created three unique flavors: DDH Session NEIPA (orchard and tropical fruit, with a touch of lemongrass), Pineapple Peach Sour Gose (pineapple and peach with a slight lemon bite) and Imperial DDH Fruit IPA (blood orange and kalamansi, with citrus and pine flavors).

"l'Associé has a wide range of experience in the alcohol category - it was exciting this time to actually create a product ourselves,” explains Rivollier.

In addition to defining the concept, design and packaging of the limited edition line, L'Associé is deploying the rollout across Paname Brewing Company's social networks and points of sale.


To learn more about Beer Therapy, you can watch the case study here:




BRAND: Paname Brewing Company

Brand Management: Michael KENNEDY

Brewers: Filippo Ambrosi, Paulo Pinheiro, Baptiste Thíery, Julien Leclancher, Preston Rogosheske, Alexis Maupas



Founder, Director of Creation: Gilles RIVOLLIER

Creative Directors: Mark FORGAN, Jamie STANDEN

Art Director: Chloé CAMILLE

Assistant Art Director: Manon ESCARRAT

Client Director: Anne-Laure COMPAS

Account Manager: Marion TRYANT