Pimo reinvents the OOH media space with Milton Tablets’ campaign
Posted on 2022 Dec,18  | By ArabAd's staff

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Outdoor advertising in Lebanon has been lately hit by a creative rut like no other time. Barely a campaign is standing out from the lot. Although, there’s so much more to OOH than printed billboards. 

And if there was one campaign that skillfully demonstrated how to make efficient use of OOH media, it would be Milton by Pimo’s creative team introducing their anti-bacteria tablets.

In October 2022, an outbreak of cholera began in Lebanon. It is the first in nearly three decades that is now spreading in the country. 

Therefore, to introduce and promote Milton tablets that help fight cholera, Pimo team rolled out a clever yet simple campaign to illustrate how the brand’s tablets are the safest and most efficient way to get rid of germs and bacteria-- being "their biggest nightmare"-- and kicking them instantly (and literally) out of the billboard!

Alongside the creativity of reinventing the OOH media space to efficiently convey the brand’s message, the campaign made a demonstrable impact by adding light to its tablet, ensuring it gets the attention it deserved. 

The campaign is the product of a creative team that understands how to make good use of OOH advertising in a knowledgable and memorable way and it’s refreshing to see this creative execution unfold in Beirut outdoor media space.



Client: Khalil Fattal & Fils-Pharmaceutical Department

Brand: Milton Tablets.

Agency: PIMO

Creative Director: Rania Barakat Syriani

Art Director / Copywriter: Rayan Khalil