Saudia Tomato Paste’s new brand story all inspired by consumer’s behavior
Posted on 2022 Mar,21  | By ArabAd's staff

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There are some “characteristics” that are intrinsically linked to a brand, characteristics that make up the DNA of a specific product, so deeply rooted in a society’s collective unconscious that they become the only reality.

And this is exactly what happened to Saudia Tomato Paste’s marketing team who realized that given the increased cost of living in the kingdom, Saudis were trying to find cheaper alternatives to Saudia Tomato Paste, yet, using the characteristics of the brand’s product as the recognized benchmark of what tomato paste should be.

Its color, taste and texture are regarded as the epitome of product attributes…

It was there and then that the marketing team realized that Saudia brand entered the realm of “legends”, not self-proclaimed ones, but dubbed ones by Saudi consumers.

However, Legends don’t just happen…

People tend to see the success, but they never see the struggles, dedication, passion, trials, failures, deceptions, and doubts that lie behind it.

For Saudia, this “submerged” part of the iceberg was key, as it validates their coronation to the rank of “legends”…

Therefore, the Saudia marketing team handling culinary, along with their agency partner, Impact BBDO, decided to embark on a storytelling adventure by creating a platform that can live on for years and simply depicts the tumultuous road to stardom in a tactical yet strategically creative way throughout a story labeled “The Making of A Legend.”

By doing so, they also focused on three distinct but equally important legends: The nature, the product itself, and the consumer to create this “coming together” that makes it a reunion of intergenerational legends.

This piece was done with balance in minds, as it subtly juggles between real insights, moments of creation and “legendary” production values.