Labour Day Celebrations
Posted on 2016 May,02  | By ArabAd staff

International Workers' Day, which falls on the 1st of May, is a public holiday celebrated in many countries worldwide. It also is an occasion for brands to join the festivities in an annual tribute to all in employment. Relying on digital platforms to expand their marketing reach, ArabAd saw it opportune to highlight three of the country’s renowned brands whose work caught our attention.


Al Rifai roasters went all tropical on this one communicating a laid-back island feel. Though the brand now only uses the letter ‘R’ and does not sell coconuts, it nonetheless portrayed the seed to refer to the assortment of nuts it offers. In addition, the colours sky blue and baby pink were used to wish both genders a happy day.





Sharing a similar message though one that is more sophisticated, local beer brewer Almaza turned a common Arabic catchphrase (mind your business) on its head to comply with its message, namely that of forgetting all about work and enjoying a cold one by the shore.







As for the Jeep brand, they kept things clean and simple by using the nuts and bolts approach to mimic the vehicle’s iconic seven-slot grill as a stark reminder of the qualities the company is renowned for.




Last but not least, and in a bid to spread the joy of the occasion, Spirit advertising, renowned for their witty and neat visual interpretations used the tagline, 'Today i am busy barbequing'. Using vernacular pun, the word ‘worker’ was inserted, suggesting to those enjoying their day off to have a festive meal. The tagline is powered by the striking colour of the yellow hardhat and the classic black grill, which were used to complement each other and in turn, the occasion itself.