To Moms with much love and a slice of marketing
Posted on 2019 Mar,21  | By Ghada Azzi

The commercial heaven of Valentine’s Day, and the heart-shaped campaigns behind us, here came Mother's Day and with it a slope of branded messages posted to Instagram and targeted to greetings all Moms. We picked our 10 favorites created by Lebanese brands and ad agencies..

A&A Porter Novelli

"Always remember that there is no influence in your life greater than your mother's," reads the comment from A&A Porter Novelli who is offering a novel definition to the word mother, focusing on her role and stating that she's "The first and everlasting influencer." This is a spot on message and all the more relevant coming from a PR agency.

Rizk Group

This lovely childish illustration says it all: "To the woman that has inspired me and motivated me from day one," reads the post from Rizk Group Communications agency. No better way for everyone at the agency to say thank you for whom you've become.



"Because all mothers are creative in all kind of ways" reads the tag line of this visual that has subtly managed to combine the agency name with the word mom, hence allows it to direct its greeting to every mom at the agency. Well done!



The corporate identity of the agency is once again well embedded in the word mom, complemented with the line: "You are amazing." Needless to say more! Often times the less the better.


Leo Burnett Beirut

This is the most elaborate idea that has been developed as a real campaign. Leo Burnett Beirut agency has decided to go look into the dictionary of flowers, tying up every Burnetter woman (aka the "Super Leo Moms") to a flower species because every one is unique and "glows in her own way.". A clever and creative way to introduce us to the working women of the agency, while saluting and celebrating every one of them.


The petals of the tulip got replaced with a nut to tie up the message via a pun--"To the sweetest heart"-- in a relevant way.  A recurrent graphic play alrifai got us used to, although this time it is a bit forced (this kind of nut is called '2loubet' in Arabic, which literally means hearts), yet the execution is neat which helps reinforcing the message.



Another play on words, as the two words are so close in pronunciation ( with 'festok' meaning 'nuts' and 'fastouk' meaning a kiddo in Lebanese vernacular), makes this message-- i love you since am little kiddo) cute an funny. The brand is showing how you can use humor and a consistent brand theme to conjure up ideas for a seemingly unrelated topic.



Not all the best odes to moms have to be serious, as we’re reminded with this one from Almaza that seemed to have topped the chart among users on social media. Indeed, it is a well thought-out approach, which doubles down (pun intended) with two bottles sitting side by side, forming the word 'almama' ('mom' in Arabic) out of the brand's name. Simple but not simplistic!



A word play for a sweet message from the delicatessen shop Aziz is supposed to be framed as a thank-you note to mothers.  The visual metaphor works well, but execution could have been better crafted.


Mc Donald's

This one from McDoanld's is hard not to like and is our top favorite from the series. Minimalist to the best, with a clever pun that plays on a popular vernacular sentence ('sit el kel', which in Arabic stands for 'the one and only lady'), but here it got twisted to read 'em el kel' ('the one and only mom' with the M reading in Arabic 'Em', which means mom).
Created by digital agency inTouch.