AUD students celebrate love with stickers
Posted on 2023 Feb,23  | By ArabAd's staff

Who doesn’t love stickers?

They turn every object into a personal work of art.

And what makes them even more personal is when they represent something dear to one’s heart.

On the day when love is celebrated the world over (February 14), the Creative 9 agency decided to grab this opportunity and create stickers of all the things students love about The American University in Dubai (AUD).

In collaboration with Waggish, a local business with a growing following base on Instagram, the creative team aimed to develop unique brand-stickers that would resonate with the student community and foster a sense of pride, nostalgia and belonging to the university.

Jack the cat, the Mini mart owner, the ‘zaatar manoushe’ and the AUD logo among other emotional memories and landmarks were turned into beautifully designed stickers that were strategically plastered around campus, including on bulletin boards, laptops, and other high-visibility areas.

The collaboration was an instant hit among the students at AUD. The brand-stickers received an overwhelmingly positive response, leading to high demand from students who wanted more of these unique stickers.

So much… that the agency had to go for round two--this time focusing on a special Alumni edition, as the graduates of AUD saw their memories forever locked… on a sticker.

Both campaigns have triggered curiosity, excitement, and a sense of unity among the student body while it also managed to shed light on a small local business.

If there’s one thing learned about this initiative is that if you love something, put it on a sticker.