Maya Zankoul Aims to Make A Difference With 'The Story Of The Grilled Cheese Sandwish'
Posted on 2020 Nov,24  | By Ghada Azzi

Lebanese illustrator, Maya Zankoul, is releasing a new children's book that she wrote and illustrated with a specific mission in mind.

The book, titled "The Story of The grilled Cheese Sandwish", is based on a story she often narrates to her 3-year old daughter at dinnertime--A funny book that she decided to share with other children, in the hopes of putting a smile on their faces too.

The book is fully illustrated, colorful, and tells the story of a little girl who travels around the world thanks to the melted cheese in her sandwich that keeps stretching! The story aims to expand children’s imagination, and to take them around the world, even if they’re stuck at home due to COVID-19, and helps them dream of a better tomorrow.

Zankoul is calling for people's support, as she believes that this project is crucial for kid's wellbeing in such difficult times. She explains that "most aids that are usually received offer shelter, food, and medication, which are of course very important, but do not cater to the mental health of our kids, like the need to play…"

Play is indeed crucial for kids to heal from traumas, and is essential to develop a healthy personality, develop dexterity and physical strength, and is also essential for emotional balance...

This is the main reason that drove Zankoul, who is renowned for her social commentary through her drawings and many books published, to work, for the first time, on a children’s book, and to distribute it for free, along with new toys, to children in need.

For every book bought, Zankoul will be donating another book to an underprivileged child. Not only that, all the proceeds of the sales will go towards buying toys and distributing them to children who do not have toys, but Zankoul has partnered with the organization “Right to play” to arrange distribution, and to support local manufacturers, as all toys will be purchased from local toy companies, who have agreed to give her discounted prices, in the likes of Bildits and OTO.

One can order the book for 29$, and will get it signed while allowing the donation of another one.