Design Agency FOLK Offers Alternative to Boring Corporate Christmas Gifts
Posted on 2020 Jan,13

A Lithuania-based design agency FOLK has created an alternative to boring Christmas corporate gifts, the ‘Corporate Folk Kit.’ The kit includes ‘Hold my beer’ beer, ‘Ball is in your court’ ball and other corporate folklore-inspired objects.

A Lithuania-based design agency FOLK has used their name as inspiration to create an alternative to boring corporate gifts - the Corporate Folk Kit, which is a set of corporate cliche phrases turned into objects. The kit consists of beer titled 'Hold My Beer', a ball titled 'Ball Is In Your Court', a pack of 'In a Nutshell' nuts, a 'Stay Sharp' pen and 'On The Same Page' notebook.
“In our country, the celebration of Christmas goes hand in hand with various folklore traditions and rituals,” said Ignas Kozlovas, the Creative Director at FOLK agency. “When thinking of ways to surprise our clients this festive period, we decided to dig into the corporate folklore and reimagine what the often-overused sayings would look in reality.”
At the same time, each object stands for a wish: the ball calls for more individual initiative, the notebook is for better team alignment, while beer stands for being bolder.
“When designing the objects, we wanted to keep it simple,” added Ignas Kozlovas, the Creative Director at FOLK. “For example, before making the beer label, our team members turned into actors and tried to portray the ‘holding my beer’ situation as it would unfold in real life. The beer label then became an extension of its holder - it marks a place where someone would put their fingers while holding someone’s beer.”
'The Ball Is In Your Court' ball, meanwhile, has very limited printable space on it, so the agency printed a tiny court on the ball itself. The notebook On The Same Page, to justify its own name, has the phrase printed on every page of it.
Some partners of the agency have already received the gift package and started contributing new ideas for the next year. “At our agency, we like to say that good idea reproduces itself again and again,” elaborated Ignas Kozlovas. “After our clients and partners received the kit, they flooded us with new phrases that can be made into objects next year. ‘Hold your horses,’ ‘Career ladder,’ ‘Seeing the Bigger Picture’ and ‘Word of Mouth’ are the early candidates to turn into gifts for next year’s Christmas.