Joe Fish 'Brandamages' Halloween
Posted on 2016 Nov,01  | By ArabAd staff

To celebrate Halloween, Beirut-based indie agency, Joe Fish, went for an elaborate 'mise en scène'. It was the team's take for the occasion and it's worth saluting here.


The idea was for each of Joe Fish team member to portray a brand the agency services. They dubbed it: BRANDAMAGE or "the psychological disorder of being possessed by brands," as every person working in the ad business reckons, an advertising life can cause chronic brain damage. As identified and highlighted by Joe Fish, known to be symptoms are: Trauma, Obesity, Alcoholism, Insomnia, Hallucination, Creativity.

The agency launched a freaky teaser video across its social platforms.

Then they released their final take: a group photo uniting all their clients in a spooky set up.

In total, Joe Fish team worked on personifying nine brands: Hugo Boss, XXL Vodka, International College, OPP Notebooks, Boutique du Monde, Smoking Bun, Iwan Maktabi, G spa, The Travel Club.

Every scene had integrated an element that relates to the brand--with the main character being CEO Rami Traboulsi, as “the Hugo BOSS from hell”, playing on the idea of the boss from hell.

The major hindrance was to incorporate such heterogeneous clients in one creative element without playing favoritism or making one appear under a better light or with more exposure. Still, Joe Fish managed to do exactly that, making all brands shine in their respective scenario, all while keeping the creative narrative logical and very appealing to the audience.

Peugeot - oops not a client of theirs - used to sign "un constructeur sort ses griffes" (an automobile maker lets its claws out); well, it seems with Joe Fish we have that indeed in the Lebanese advertising scene. 



Concept/ Art Direction: Joe Fish. Photography: Imad El Khoury.  SFX Makeup: Tanios Hokayem.  Makeup team: Tania El Khoury.  Black dress by Mira Hayek.