Bar A Pied rolls out its new identity and catering service
Posted on 2020 Sep,07  | By ArabAd staff

Beirut-based Blanchor has recently revealed the brand identity of Bar A Pied, a bar catering services that specializes in the creation of unique cocktail offerings for any type of events (Corporate, Weddings, Private Events etc.).

The corporate branding has focused on this new concept, hence its name 'BAR A PIED' based on the idea of delivering cocktails to doorsteps through a full bar catering service, made available anywhere anytime. The bottle icon stuffed in the letter D comes to complete this idea and reflects the heart of who they are and what they can provide to customers.

The slogan "we all deserve our happy hours" tops it all, outlining Bar A Pied brand positioning statement, as it makes it clear by stating the experience that they can provide---the promise to secure happy hours to people by having them enjoy the best bar catering service at home.

The white on black brand logo has a bold solid upper-case type, which helps create strong brand recognition and an imposing identity while asserting a strong presence in the market; the delivery menu is neat and simple; as for the packaging, it's quite elegant and minimalist.

The overall look and feel is sure to make a lasting impression in the customer's mind.

On a side note, it is worth mentioning that Bar A Pied Design & Execution was completed by Karim Rahbany.