New vodka brand testing truth in advertising
Posted on 2022 Jan,04  | By ArabAd's staff

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A new Swedish Vodka brand simply named 'Alcoholic Vodka' is about to be launched soon.

But its blunt name is not the only weird thing about this brand... It has informative text on the bottle that is a bit too, straightforward, too honest..

Take a look at this unexpected copy!

The anatomical illustration on the bottle has red markings, showing the body parts that are bound to be ravaged by alcohol consumption.

The label reads: “this product is very harmful to your health and can cause a variety of serious diseases.

"If you for some reasons have to drink it, please drink responsibly. There are many less harmful alternatives to this hazardous beverage. Think about it.”

The website too proudly states: “It's expensive and bad for you. However, the first batch will ship in March 2022!”

And if you wonder who is behind this utterly crazy idea?

Well, Swedish award-winning creative directors Johan Pihl and Magnus Jakobsson, are behind the packaging idea and brand design strategy.

They are also the owners of the brand and it seems they are experimenting with the recent trend in advertising toward transparency in marketing, which everyone is preaching for, to see if it can work out for brands and how far they can go with the truth in advertising.

How consumers will receive this product that bares an eye-catching design? Will this reverse-psychology approach work?

Come March 2022, and we may know...