No One Branding & Design gives Abu Dhabi Festival a new look and vibe
Posted on 2024 Feb,28  | By ArabAd's staff

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Abu Dhabi Festival (ADF) is a major player in the vibrant arts and culture scene in the UAE. For 21 years, the Festival commissioned, produced, and presented music and art world legends and emerging talents alike.

This year, ADF started their mission to transform their festival to level with the most recognized festivals around the world with the aim to attract performers and audiences from around the globe.

No One Branding and Design Agency partnered with Abu Dhabi Festival (ADF) to create a new visual identity and brand expression that would set it apart from other festivals and put ADF on the right track. 

The 4th ranked Branding and Design Agency in the world in 2023 (part of And Us Group) has been comissioned to develop the festival’s new iconic positioning, identity and experience.

Driving perception towards a more dynamic, youthful and vibrant festival, the visual identity that was recently unveiled draws inspiration from the most iconic element of performance arts: The Spotlight.

Being under the spotlight is the ultimate achievement of any artist and it is this element that defines ADF’s communication and brand expressions—An adaptable, dynamic element that comes to life to reveal the greatness of the festival.

Giovanni Borde, Executive Design Director of No One, elaborated: “Different from previous years, our main goal for Abu Dhabi Festival was to build an identity that is iconic and timeless. One that will grow with the festival — reinventing itself with every different festival theme. We did this by building a strong visual narrative around an element that is not only engrained in the festival’s essence, but the entire arts and performance industry as well. ‘The Spotlight’ — The ultimate achievement of any artist or performer. It is both emotional and aspirational, while also being completely adaptable. With this in mind, the possibilities are endless.”

Fadi Yaish, CEO and Creative Chairman of And Us Group, asserted, “This partnership is a testament to our team’s unwavering commitment to pushing branding and design boundaries, delivering tangible value, and staying true to our core principles.”