DAVID’s Humorous “Medicine Avenue” Campaign Kicks Off The One Show 2022 Call for Entries
Posted on 2021 Sep,27

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 A witty digital film campaign by DAVID Miami spoofing TV medical dramas marks the kickoff of the call for entries for The One Show 2022.

Playing off the style of TV episode previews, complete with scenes of frenzied operating rooms, emotional interactions between doctors, moody music and cliffhangers, the film campaign titled “Medicine Avenue” pokes fun at the creative process by replacing medical terminology with dubbed dialogue of ad jargon commonly heard in agencies around the world. 

Each spot carries the tagline “The 2022 One Show. It's worth all the drama."

The campaign launches with “Ambulance”, one of three films in the campaign. Scenes include a weary doctor who says “We just had to put the idea on life support.”  When a colleague encouragingly says “Don’t give up, it might still make it”, he responds “It’s in legal’s hands now.”



"Advertising doesn’t save lives, they say.  Yet people in our industry tend to take their jobs a little too seriously - especially when it comes to awards,” said Rafael Donato, CCO, DAVID Miami.  “So for this year’s One Show campaign, we created an actual drama series, ‘Medicine Avenue’, which spoofs all the drama we create for ourselves in our day-to-day.  It’s a little self-deprecation we hope everyone will identify with, and we sincerely appreciate The One Show for letting us poke fun at ourselves like this."

The two other campaign videos will be rolled out in the coming months.  Banners developed in-house by The One Club extend the campaign, using pop art imagery to continue the “drama” theme with humorous headlines.

Entries can be submitted now, with fees increasing after each deadline period.  Early entry deadline for the greatest savings is October 29, 2021, with the regular deadline December 31, 2021. The extended deadline is February 4, 2022, and final deadline March 4, 2022.

The One Show 2022 juries will be announced shortly.  Judging will be conducted online, no physical entries will be accepted this year.  All entry media must be uploaded into the online entry system.

Judging will start in March 2022, with finalists announced in May.  The One Show 2022 Gold, Silver and Bronze Pencil winners will be announced during Creative Week in May 2022. 

Agencies, brands, production companies and individuals responsible for winning work each year are highlighted in The One Show Global Rankings, the ad industry’s most respected global measure of creative success. Winners are ranked globally, regionally and by country. 

Revenue generated from The One Show entry fees goes back into the industry to fund programming under the nonprofit organization’s four pillars: Education, Inclusion & Diversity, Gender Equality and Creative Development. 


Client: The One Club for Creativity for The One Show 2022

Campaign: “Medicine Avenue”

Agency: DAVID Miami

Global CCO & Partner: Pancho Cassis

Global COO: Sylvia Panico

Managing Director: Ricardo Honegger

CCO: Rafael Donato 

Associate Creative Director: Sergio Takahata

Associate Creative Director: Nellie Santee

Senior Art Director: João Viégas

Senior Copywriter: Vanessa de Beaumont

Head of Account: Luiza Prata Carvalho

Group Account Director: Mariana D’Aprile

Management Supervisor: George Quiroz

Senior Account Executive: Margarita Peña

Executive Producer: Brenda Morrison Fell

Senior Producer: Esteffania Najera

Associate Producer: Margarita Castro

Director of Business Affairs: Barbara Karalis

Business Affairs Manager: Elizabeth Torriente



Director: Santi Elias

Executive Producer: Caro Cordini 

Producer: Gala Gonzalez Costes

Head of Production Gabriel Ferrari 

Production Service Uruguay: Metanoia

DOP: German Nocella

AD: German Zecchi

Production Designer: Mariana Rivero

Stylist: Gabriela de Armas 

Post Production House: Primo Post

Postproducer: Sebas Lopez

Editor: Paula Baialardo

Color Correction: Dani Carrizo


AUDIO, MUSIC & VO: Pickle Music

Music & Music Publisher: Pickle Music 

Sound Design, VO & Mix: Pickle Music

Music Creative Director: Alexis Estiz

Composer: Alexis Estiz, Sebastian Fucci, Dario Calequi,

Producer: Lupita Alvarez