FP7McCann Dubai, MullenLowe MENA, Bigtime Creative among NYF Advertising Awards 2024 winners
Posted on 2024 Jun,09  | By ArabAd's staff

New York Festivals Advertising Awards (NYF) unveiled the 2024 award winners selected by the NYF Executive Jury panel.

Led by Executive Jury President Javier Campopiano, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer of McCann Worldgroup and McCann, the Executive Jury consisted of globally respected executive and creative leaders. They meticulously selected the award-winning entries from the shortlist determined by the Shortlist Jury. Through careful deliberation, these innovators honored cutting-edge work within their specific categories.

“I’m so impressed by the quality of work submitted this year and the level of creative storytelling and innovation exhibited in this year’s entries,” said Scott Rose, President of the New York Festivals Advertising Awards Competitions.“This super jury of senior creative leaders, curated by Javier Campopiano, shared their passion for the work and, through intimate discussion, let the quality and execution of each campaign dictate the level of award.”

Recognized by the Executive Jury, trailblazing campaigns from around the world were celebrated with 1 Best of Show Award, 7 prestigious NYF Grand Awards, 69 Gold Tower Awards, 52 Silver Towers, 96 Bronze Towers, and 332 Finalist Awards. 

“The Best of Show selected by the 2024 Executive Jury is particularly close to my heart because it relates to Argentina's World Cup victory two years ago. This piece embodies many of the elements we seek in Branded Content, grounded in genuine human insight and resonating with the emotions of an entire country,” said Javier Campopiano. “There were many discussions in the room, and this piece exemplifies the power of branded content. It showcases amazing storytelling born from a hard truth, infused with beautiful humor and a narrative that you want to watch again.”



“Hotel La Argentina” earned Mercado McCann the New York Festivals Best of Show Award in Branded Content/Entertainment for their short film about a humble hotel's journey to earn a third star. After Argentina won the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022, the nation celebrated by adding a third star to its emblem. A year later, Argentina displayed the three stars everywhere, except at Hotel Argentina, a two-star hotel near Buenos Aires. In response, TyC Sports, Argentina's leading sports channel, upgraded the hotel with new amenities to celebrate the World Cup's anniversary and produced a short film that captivated the entire country.

“Hotel La Argentina has the characteristic of being an idea anchored in football that doesn’t have any images that refer to it. Stories with heart continue to have a place in people’s hearts, and there is no technology that can threaten that.” –Martin Mercado, Founder and Principal Creative, Mercado McCann Argentina

The 2024 Executive Jury celebrated seven groundbreaking campaigns with the 2024 Grand Award for their exceptional creativity and innovation.  World-class agencies from Argentina, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and the UK earned top honors for creative excellence.



From the Middle East, FP7 McCann Dubai won 2 golds and 3 bronzes for three campaigns for Heinz respectively as follow: ‘Heinz ketchup insurance’, ‘Ketchup & down’ and ‘Slowmaster 57’; the agency also won two bronzes for McDonald’s 'Dinner after dinner' campaign and two other bronzes for ‘Highlight your balls’ campaign.

MullenLowe MENA won two bronzes for Aurora 5O’s ‘Fixing the BAIS’ and one for Organon’s ‘Mis[s]diagnosed’.

From Saudi Arabia, Bigtime creative shop won a bronze for Riyadh Season's 'Knock out chaos' campaign.





Winner: McCann London, McCann Health London, an IPG Health Company

Entry: “The Everyday Tactician”

Client: XBOX

“The Everyday Tactician” campaign revolutionized Sport Entertainment by blending sports and gaming to captivate fans. Xbox introduced Football Manager 2024 with an innovative activation, inviting gamers to apply for real football club positions. Challenging fans' expertise, Xbox drove engagement with the game. A documentary showcased the hired tactician using game data to advise Bromley FC, resulting in their best season.



Winner: Serviceplan Germany

Entry: “AIZOME WASTECARE™ Industrial waste — certified as skincare.”

Client: AIZOME


WASTECARE™ is the first skincare product that is industrial wastewater from textile dyeing. Straight from the factory, the wastewater is tested and certified according to dermatological standards. Bottled and packaged like a high-end beauty product, it was shipped out to key opinion leaders in textile, fashion, and healthcare with the goal of forming partnerships to eliminate toxic chemicals in the industry. AIZOME believes that textiles should not only be less toxic or simply safe but actually beneficial for both people and the planet.


Winner: Mercado McCann Argentina
Entry: "Hotel La Argentina"
Client: TyC Sports

“Hotel La Argentina” is Mercado McCann’s short film about an Argentinian hotel's journey to earn a third star commemorating Argentina’s 2022 FIFA World Cup Win. A complete transformation was provided by Argentina’s TyC Sports that included updates and new amenities.



Winner: TBWA Hakuhodo Japan

Entry: “No Smiles”

Client: McDonald’s Japan

Collaborating with influencer and artist "ano," popular among Generation Z, McDonald's released an original pop song titled "I Won't Give You a Smile." The song challenges the expectation of always working with a smile, promoting the diversity of smiles instead. The powerful message of “No Smiles” significantly boosted recruitment efforts.



Winner: Marcel France

Entry: “WoMen's Football”

Client: Orange

In the tense context of the 2023 Women's World Cup, Orange aimed to combat gender bias in sports and society by leveraging its support for the French Women's Team. The strategy was to spark popular and positive discussions, converting football fans into supporters of women's football. Orange used social media dynamics to engage football fandom, showcasing women's skills without the filter of gender bias,



Winner: Scholz & Friends Germany

Entry: “The 100th Edition”

Client: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The F.A.Z., a highly esteemed daily newspaper, features 100 distinguished individuals reading the paper in various personal settings, symbolizing the brilliance behind it. In “the 10th Edition” the 100th motif, captured by film director Wim Wenders, the image depicts Holocaust survivor Margot Friedländer (102) at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin. This powerful image stands against ignorance, addressing resurgent racism and antisemitism.



Winner: Farner TEAM FARNER Switzerland

Entry: “Giving a Voice to the Unheard”

Client: Islam Alijaj

Islam Alijaj's Swiss National Council election campaign empowered 1.8 million underrepresented people with disabilities, who make up 22% of Switzerland's population. Despite their significant presence, these individuals are notably absent from influential societal roles, often confined to closed institutions. Islam's campaign also served as a referendum on Switzerland's ineffective inclusion policy.


The 2024 Advertising Awards winners are determined by the results of the Executive Jury face-to face judging sessions.

The New York Festivals Advertising Awards competition receives entries from agencies and brands from 5 continents and is judged by an international jury of more than 200+ members that include NYF’s Executive Jury and Shortlist Jury. NYF’s jury panels collectively cast their votes to select the year’s trophy-winning work.