Luum Awards, a new global festival for advertisements with a social purpose is launched
Posted on 2021 Jun,02

The Luum, a new awards show with a multidisciplinary panel of judges, has been launched. Its mission is to reward the best creative works that foster social, civic or environmental awareness from the 5 continents.

This team, made up of 80 judges, from leaders and professional communication managers of NGOs and associations to directors and managers of multinational and independent creative agencies, includes Juan Luis Isaza, VP Strategy and Innovation Latin America (DDB), Laura Durán, Press and Communications Director (Amnesty International), Genna Ingold, Communications Manager (Kofi Annan Foundation), Aimee Nsimire, Communications Officer (ILO / UN International Labour Organization), Sabrina Espeche, Social Media and Content Coordinator (Red Cross), Itziar Badia, Marketing Director (WWF), Eduardo Basque (McCann Health), Juan José Ayerza, CEO (Techo), Santiago Losada, Regional Creative Director (Leo Burnett), Lisseth Sandoval, Caribbean and Central America Environmental Director (Argos); Kathleen Holmlund, Communications Manager (Giving Women), Alfonso Arbós (Wunderman Thompson Finlandia) among others.

Luum is clearly part of a new generation of festivals with a mission in the likes of the Gerety awards for instance. It includes seven novel proposals:

1. Only Gold: Luum only awards Gold medals, there are no second or third place awards. That is to say that the festival only awards medals to the best of the best. 

2. Free Registration: Entry registration is free and only winners pay award rights (only gold).

3. Equality: There are no jury presidents, no academic hierarchies. All the judges are top-tier and their evaluations are made at different times during the judging period.

4. Democratic: All participants, regardless of size, brand or nationality, are given the same amount of opportunities to upload their entries at no cost: 4.

5. Fairness: Luum meets gender quotas: 50% of the judges are men and 50% of the judges are women. 

6. Diversity: The judges panel is composed primarily of talented global advertising and marketing professionals from well-known associations and communities, however, governmental and non-governmental entities may also participate. 

7. Luum Awards is the only festival in the world to reward messages of social, environmental and animal rights awareness.

Another interesting academic proposal is the launch of a category that rewards the essence of the message.  In other words, a festival that will reward those brand stories that, in addition to their commercial intent, seek to raise awareness of issues such as empowerment, equity, family, and other human values needed for a more positive society. Other categories are Human Rights, the Environment, Communication for Public Entities and NGOs, Eco-friendly and social design, causes, society and health/ well-being. 

“This is the best opportunity to prove that we are agents of change and that we are much more than just great ideas for companies and advertisers,” say the organisers in the press statement.


Important Dates and Information:

Registration opens and case submission opens: June 3

Case Registration Closes: September 19

Awards Ceremony: November 3