The One Show celebrates 50 Years with an engaging call for entries campaign by Design Army
Posted on 2022 Sep,28  | By ArabAd's staff

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The One Club for Creativity rolls out new campaign titled “What’s Your ONE?” created by Design Army to promote The One Show 2023 call for entries, and celebrate the show’s 50th year. The campaign features dozens of the world’s top creative leaders answering the questions “What was the one piece of work that inspired your career, made you most proud, wish you had done

Based on the idea of the work as the creative industry’s reason to exist, the campaign equates “the work” with “the one”, asking the question “What’s Your ONE?

Vibrant online ads with similar quick-cutting videos use bold imagery to pose a series of “What’s the one that…” questions to highlight great work of the past. Copy includes questions such as “What’s the one that inspired your career”, “…you are most proud of”, “…wish you had done”, and others.

Everyone in the creative industry started their journey somewhere. For most, it was working countless hours and slowly climbing their way to the top. For others, it was by chance catching a lucky break at the right time, and for a few, it was simply destiny. 

Creatives are busy each day planning for the future, and often don’t take enough time to reflect on the past.

Design Army’s Pum Lefebure, who is also vice chairperson at The One Club, said seeing the “United Colors of Benetton” campaign for the first time at age 16 made her immediately realize she wanted to be creative director.

“Everyone has their ONE,” she said. “The one ad that inspired them to get into the creative business. The one ad that marks the highlight of their career. The one ad they didn’t do but inspires them to push their creativity further.  The truth is, at the end of the day we are all still chasing the next one, and the “What’s Your ONE?” campaign celebrates our never-ending creative journey by focusing on the moments, ideas, and dreams we all have while creating the next ONE.”

Lefebure added she was pleasantly surprised by some of the “What’s Your ONE?” responses received in a survey of The One Club board members. “I didn’t realize they created some of the greatest ads of our time, the campaigns created in the 90s that inspired me to get into the business,” she said. “You will never know if the one ad you’re working on now might have the power to inspire the next generation of creatives.”

“Receiving my first One Show Pencil is a very special accomplishment, a date I have marked on my calendar to remind me of where I started and am going,” Lefebure added. “The ‘What’s Your ONE?’ campaign invites everyone to pause a moment, transporting them back down memory lane.  Take a few minutes to congratulate yourselves on how far you’ve come, and think about the impact your work will have on the next generation of creatives.” 

The conversational campaign, which include top global creative leaders, comes alive by putting typography at the forefront, speaking with a simple yet bold authoritative voice. Nonconformity and innovative thinking are reflected in the use of stretched and distorted type in a youthful color palette.

The One Show’s 50-year milestone is showcased in special logo branding, which combines a celebration of the past with a forward-thinking, youthful spirit meant to inspire the next 50 years of creative excellence.


“This is an engaging campaign that effectively combines the past and future of creative excellence,” said Kevin Swanepoel, CEO, The One Club. “It celebrates what’s made The One Show the industry’s most relevant, prestigious and meaningful awards program in a smart, youthful way that looks ahead to our next 50 years,” said Kevin Swanepoel, CEO, The One Club. 

The campaign launches with ads from an initial group including Duke Group ECD Suhana Gordhan, Edelman CCO Judy John, Design Army cofounder, CCO Pum Lefebure, WPP Global CCO Rob Reilly, R/GA co-CCO US Tiffany Rolfe, Amusement Park Entertainment chair, CEO and CCO Jimmy Smith, and Google Creative Lab cofounder Robert Wong, with other creative leaders to be featured in the coming months.

Lefebure pointed out that “The campaign celebrates everyone – from those in the Creative Hall of Fame and in the C-suite to entry-level creatives, and even first-year college students. We would love to know What’s Your ONE?”




Client: The One Club for Creativity for The One Show 2023

Campaign: “What’s Your ONE?”

Agency: Design Army, Washington DC

Chief Creative Officer: Pum Lefebure

CEO: Jake Lefebure

Executive Creative Director: Sucha Becky

Senior Designer/Animator: Jason Chae

Designer/Animator: Chloe Jung

Animator: Kiel Danger

Animator: Yeri Choi