Change, or Don’t Pay! International Launch of Done! Hospitality Training Solutions
Posted on 2016 Nov,10  | By Ghada Azzi

If you do what you always did, you get what you always got! Running your business from one day to the other in the same old way will give you just one outcome: a gradual decline in your product and services. Enter: Immersive Training.


Challenging the status quo is vital to elevating business to a new level, and it all begins with inspiring your team. According to Done!, who recently launched their global product in Beirut, the only thing that truly counts is how well you take care of your employees. The emphasis was not theirs, but came from the audience. The launching of Done! took the participants down the path of identifying their pain. “What kind of pain do you suffer in your business?” was the key question, and the seminar went on from there. Once people had identified their biggest pain in business MEPSF (Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual or Financial) then participants began to walk the journey of solving it. 

The power to solve the problems of their businesses appeared to be best achieved when the needs of the people who run those businesses were best served. The conclusion of the matter was that you will only be able to attain the high ideals of happy customers by ensuring that all your internal people are on board all the time. That being a fairly well known principle was not the great revealer, it was the system that Done! has developed to create a workable long term solution that came as the surprise. 

100% happy customers is a tall order, but Done! has worked with the number one and number two hotels in the world achieving that, and claim that if you are willing to put in the hard work of creating and building an outstanding business system, then you will be able to reap the outcome of incredible service.  

The day was partnered with Hospitality News Middle East, represented by Managing Director Joumana Dammous Salamé, and speakers came in from Done! Thailand, Done! USA and Done! UAE. 

Mark Dickinson, the founder of Done! led the event with a fiery call to the industry to take on the challenge of going for 100% customer happiness and not settling for anything less. Julie Brown, MD of Done! USA, together with Tom LeaMond also from Done! USA, talked about systems. Systems run restaurants, people run systems. This was followed by Tim Cooke the head of Done! operations in South East Asia who reminded the audience of the need for training, while Suzanne Blake of Done! UAE introduced their online solution and demonstrated what it can do for organisations. 

This was followed by a passionate and interesting take on post baby-boomer marketing and the needs of the modern Millennials. Jean Claude Abi Saab presented innovative solutions and ‘blunt’ thoughts on what the market needs and on where it wastes its resources. Roland Prince of Retail 212 followed by explaining why ‘Brands Matter’.

The thrust of the conference was to draw participants upwards and away from traditional thinking. The thoughts we normally have are centered on the way that we normally do things. Of course every business does some form of training but what was presented here was to capture that training digitally, really well, and put it into a cloud based system that will present the training to employees perfectly, over and over again. 

Greg Fairlie, TV anchor from Dubai, showed participants how they could capture their videos in simple ways with excellent effect and upload them to Done!. 

The outcome of the day was that the participants experienced some form of transformation in their thinking as they transitioned from the traditions of the past twenty years into a new and digital answer that combines ‘heart focused training’ through an online platform. 

The solution fits customer service oriented companies who depend heavily on repetitive customer service behavioral patterns, perhaps where front line employees are continually faced with a flow of customers who are each expecting a very unique and individual experience. In normal training programmes it’s virtually impossible to attain, firstly because the trainer gives their presentation to a fixed group of employees at a specific time in a particular place and then leaves, secondly because there is almost no way of following up and connecting performance to individuals. Done! is centered around connecting the dots. 

It works for client servicing, customer service, customer care, front line service providers and those who come into constant contact with customers. 

Where Done! excels is in refining customer processes and making them into memorable patterns that are imprinted into the minds of the employee in a vibrant and living manner using NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and NAC (Neuro Associative Conditioning), both skills, which are taught by Anthony Robbins and RRI. The process uses anchoring so that learners are actually positively programmed to re-live the training moment over and over, and by doing so grow in happiness while serving customers as they do amazing acts of service based upon what they have learned. 

Done! encourages modeling and expects everyone to work towards constant and never-ending improvement. What Robbins calls CANI. To which the response is, “yes”. The immersive training has strains of a rock concert in action where the audience participates in the event, which enhances the learning and makes it fun as well as informative. Human Behaviour Specialist John Kairouz of JKCCI was constantly using techniques with the group throughout the entire event, leveraging the power of the messages from the stage with the audience. 

Attend once, and life will never be the same again. Either change or don’t pay! Guaranteed by Done!

Done! is an online training solution that will assist in organising all the information in your organisation relative to people doing their jobs effectively and powerfully over and over. It has three main pillars, which are Orientation Programme, Job Descriptions and Skills oriented Training Programmes. These are all measurable and trackable for the user and for management. 

Done! throws in some other useful elements such as employee evaluations, employee certification and performance management solutions.