CopyArabia's Founder and CEO releases his first book: 'Fundamentals of Copywriting', the first book of its kind in advertising for the Arab world
Posted on 2020 Sep,09

The book "Fundamentals of Copywriting" was recently released, written by the owner and founder of CopyArabia, Mnawar J. Mohammed.

The book titled "Fundamentals of Copywriting" deals with the rules and principles of writing ads in Arabic for an Arabic speaking audience from all walks of life, the objectives of ad text, and how to achieve them successfully. It teaches writing and how to perfect one's writing skills for various media from television and radio, to digital and social media platforms.

The book gives the reader the required tools to understand target audience, utilize psychological insights to genuinely engage an audience, as well as choose the right approach to address them.

The book is the first of its kind for writing advertising copy in Arabic, for the Arab market. It reflects the author's experience spanning two decades in the region.

The author has been a Copywriter for more than 15 years. He holds a BA in Media - Advertising - from the Lebanese University.

Since 2003, Mnawar J. Mohammed has worked for several multinational advertising agencies between Beirut and Dubai. In 2014, he founded CopyArabia for copywriting and transcreation (creative translation), with a client network throughout the Arab world. Moreover, Mohammed works as a creative consultant for international brands wishing to enter the MENA market.

It is worth mentioning that this book is quite beneficial to students in the faculties of media and marketing in Arab countries, in addition to professionals in the field of advertising such as copywriters, translators, graphic designers, digital marketers and others.