Danya Taha's life in advertising
Posted on 2016 Oct,19

Danya Taha, Account Executive at M&C Saatchi Beirut, is as energetic as it gets, especially when multitasking. She spends her days juggling a load of responsibilities, which come evening are all forgotten, that is until she is awaken round sunrise to do it all over!

6h 15: Phone alarm, iPad alarm, and Kai alarm go off (Kai’s my dog, who hates seeing me sleep). 

7h 00: Time to burn off that huge burger I ate last night. 

8h 00: Rushing to get ready for work.

8h 45: On my way to the office, this is where my multitasking talents come in handy. I of course make sure to only do my makeup at stop lights so Fady Gebrane (founder of our client Kunhadi) is proud!  

9h 00: Finally at my desk. The 30 minutes of silence has begun… as you can see I am not a morning person.  

11h 00: And the multitasking never ends….

13h 00: It’s finally lunch time! Did I forget to mention that my responsibilities also include being a relationship counselor for my colleagues? 

14h 20: When with the creatives… "Guys I only have two hands!” 

15h 45: “Please remove this word in the 3rd sentence” (FYI we are on the 12th amendment)

17h 30: The artwork is finally APPROVED!  

18h 10: Finally a chance to get started on this brief. 

20h 45: Ok my brain can’t function anymore. Time for a drink!