Karim Tabet: Being true to oneself
Posted on 2009 Jan,11

Designed to give the reader a deeper insight into the personal characters of the industry’s unique individuals, while offering them the chance to speak in a more familiar tone, this 30 seconds, reveals, Karim Tabet, general manager of Drive Communication.

"The greatest thing in the world is to know how to be thy self."


What kills you most? 


What gets you up in the morning? 

The daily challenge in trying to make a difference.

What happened to your childhood dreams? 

Most did not materialise, but it is never too late.

What distinguishes you from others? 

Nothing. Everyone of us has something to offer.

What do you need most? 

I am content as I am.

Do you think that anyone can become an artist? 

We are all born artists. How we use this gift becomes another story.

Where are you from? 

Definitely not from Venus.

Do you feel your situation is enviable? 

The word envy is not part of my vocabulary.

What have you given up on? 

Too long to list!!!

What do you do with your money? 

Use it intelligently.

What moves you? 

Genuine suffering.

What are your favourite pleasures? 

Reading, playing with my dog and lately, Sudoku.

What would you like to receive for your birthday? 

I love surprises. So, no answer…

Name three living artists that you hate most? 

I dislike many artists. I do not hate any of them.

What or whom do you defend? 

I defend the right to express myself freely, especially in this part of the world.

What are you capable of refusing? 


What are you capable of doing in the name of love? 

Go out of my way.

What are you blamed for? 

I don’t know what I am blamed for. But what I do know is that I blame myself …

What does art bring to you? 

The firm belief that an eternal source of renewal is embedded in mankind.

Who do you think you are? 

I’m almost 51 and I still wonder.

What drives you nuts? 

Uninspiring Lebanese politicians.

Write your own epitaph? 

A quote from the philosopher Montaigne: “La plus grande chose au monde, c’est de savoir etre soi.” (The greatest thing in the world is to know how to be thy self).

Under what form would you like to come back as? 

A dog (beagle).

What was the last book you read? 

100 years of solitude by G. Garcia Marquez.

Do you like animals? 

I just adore them, and respect them, and protect them whenever I can.

Why did you choose advertising? 

By sheer accident -- but I believe in destiny.

Who is the woman of your dream? Honestly! 


What is your philosophy in life? 

Be thy self.

What is the most important thing in your life? 

The obsession that I will leave a mark behind.

Talk to an alien... 

Tell me: how is it in your part of the world???