Marie Claude Hajjar\'s Life in Advertising
Posted on 2015 Oct,25

Marie Claude Hajjar, Account Director at M&C Saatchi, walks us through a typical day at the agency.

6h 30: Snooze number 1

7h 05: Snooze number 2

8h 15: Getting to the office

8h 55: (Still) getting to the office

9h.10: Did I miss something?!

9h 15: “What else?”

9h 19: Isn’t it too blue?

11h 30: I think it’s too red...

11h 35: Checking my emails

11h 55: Client number 1 calls

12h 30: Client number 2 calls

12h 37: I call Client number 3

12h 55: Lunch attempt

12h 58: Mission failed:
Client number 3 calls: “Are you having lunch”?
Me: “No, not at all, tell me...”

13h 05: Back to the ER. Empty stomach

13h 40: Mom calls to make sure I had lunch

14h 20: Don’t worry I’ll talk to the creatives

15h 30: Pleaaase let’s keep the blue!!!

17h 12: Back to my desk. 43 unread emails.

19h 30: Talking to the creatives.. TO TUTU

20h 10: I have to leave now...

20h 42:

I have to leave now

21h 00:

My husband calls...

21h 01:

I really have to leave now...!