Vanessa Moussan's Life in advertising
Posted on 2016 Feb,04

Vanessa Moussan, Senior Media Executive SMG, walks us through a typical day at Starcom.

• Around 9:30 am:  Average arrival time – Mondays are the hardest (cliché but so true).

• 9:45 – 10am:  Coffee time! And catching up with few of my close friends about their previous night and upcoming day.

• 10am – 12:30pm:  Checking my to-do list / Reading emails / Answering queries (prioritising is key – and at times impossible unless you have a stunt double hidden under the table) / Answering the phone (which never seems to take a break). 

• 12pm – 12:30pm (yep, it’s pretty early but my stomach seems to have a mind of its own and if I don’t cater to its needs, it turns me into Hulk – a very unpleasant angry creature): lunch / hang out time with the usual gang.

• 1pm – 5pm (time flies fast – feels more like two hours instead of four): Trying my best to focus on whatever’s needed to be done at the time while answering phone calls and working on small urgent requests at the same time.

• 5pm’s rare scenario (once or twice a week):  Leave the office.

• 5pm – 6:30pm/8pm (most of the time): The only time when I can focus fully on the pending tasks and get lots of things crossed off of my to-do list (woohoo no phone calls!!).