'We Shall Pass', an expressive mural by Roula Abdo
Posted on 2020 Feb,26

Roula Abdo, a Lebanese artist whose work has shone during Lebanon's Protests that broke out on October 17, speaks of one particular mural that had the whole social sphere buzzing about.

'I painted this mural on sunday 26th of January 2020, a few days after the new walls have been added to Downtown Beirut to close all entrances leading to Nejmeh Square. And it was also on the eve prior to the Parliament session.

I've been painting murals for the revolution since the protest broke up, and i believe that dissent art is playing a significant role in this revolution, by keeping people motivated, giving them hope and reminding them why they went to the streets in the first place.

The stances I was personally taking on the walls reflect not only my personal opinions and demands, they actually are also a reflection of people's thoughts that went on demonstrating in the streets; and since I believe that often visual statements leave a bigger impact than speeches and words, these artworks are meant to provoke a dialog, and open a conversation and make people ponder about the state we are in.

What I wanted to pass on through this particular mural, is that no matter how tall the walls they build to block us, the good will always prevail and we shall pass.
I named the mural "we shall pass... سنعبر"  to show that if we stay united in this revolution, we will be stronger than their oppressive walls and behaviors.'